The Story

Gyri S. Susrud, the designer and founder behind Gyri Design, has been fascinated by design and textiles from a very young age.

Gyri admired her grandmother's loom work and watched as she wove large beautiful traditional Norwegian textiles which were used for blankets and wall hangings. The experience of helping and watching left a lasting mark that has continued to blossom within Gyri’s design. However, it wasn’t until she took a trip to the Norwegian mountains that she rediscovered her grandmother's textiles on the walls in the family cottage. In that same home, she also rediscovered her love for Rosemaling, decorated on bowls, chairs, chests, and trays in the cottage, a heritage from her great-grandparents and grandparents. Rosemaling is a an old decorative method known for their vivid floral scroll details and Rococo influences, it is outdated, yet so ordinarily beautiful.

These two traditional decorative art forms had been abandoned, and Gyri was inspired to bring these influential folk designs back to life and give them the international attention they deserve.

After researching old Norwegian drawings and textile patterns, with similar styles to Rosemaling, and her grandmother's textiles,  Gyri founded the brand Gyri Design, a place to sell her own textiles and lampshades using her very own pattern design style. 

Gyri has studied political science and economics, art photography, and holds an MA in Fine and Decorative Art from the Sotheby’s Institute London,. Prior to setting up her own brand she worked in the art and design industry. Gyri currently lives in Oslo with her young family after having spent many years in London and Geneva.