Digital printing on fabric is the an environmental friendly way of printing textiles. It  is largely a waterless technology, as well as the ink is not disposed into the water. 



The flax is a natural, bio gradable fibre, and the flax used on the cloths we use at Gyri Design have been grown, harvested and cultivated in Western Europe. The flax plant can be grown in poor soil and is, in comparison to cotton, using a lot less water in its consumption making it a lot more sustainable. All the cloths have certification by OEKO-TEX. 



As Gyri Design is using an advanced technology with its full range of colours, its it is therefore possible, for an extra fee, to customize the colours.



All the patterns in Gyri Design are sustainable in the sense that they are all inspired and referencing old Norwegian traditional decorative prints and cultural heritage patterns. The aim is to preserve its artistic traditions by presenting them in a modern light.