Here at Gyri Design we care deeply about the environment and the people who live in it. Our aim is to continuously improve our processes and build new relationships with suppliers that share our sustainable and ethical values, so together we can sell products that have a positive social and environmental impact.

We are learning every day and are trying to make changes where we can make a difference to the world. If you feel, or know about any sustainable efforts that we can benefit from then we are open to hear your suggestions - please email us  Together we can make small steps in being greater people and sell designs that are loving to all the living things on the planet.


  Digital printing on fabric is an environmental friendly way of printing textiles. It  is largely a waterless technology, as well as the ink is not disposed into the water. 


All our wallpapers are digitally printed in Sweden using sustainable ink, and printed on sustainable FSC paper.


The flax is a natural, biodegradable fibre, and the flax used on the cloths we use at Gyri Design have been grown, harvested and cultivated in Western Europe. The flax plant can be grown in poor soil and is, using a lot less water in its consumption making it a lot more sustainable. All the cloths, linen, linenblend and cotton, have certification by OEKO-TEX.  


 All the patterns in Gyri Design are sustainable in the sense that they are all inspired and referencing old Norwegian traditional decorative prints and cultural heritage patterns. The aim is to preserve its artistic traditions by presenting them in a modern light. 


We work intelligently with our left over fabrics and allow for zero wastage. Due to the high and long lasting quality of our materials they are perfect for upcycling purposes. Even our damaged fabrics and products can easily be reused and transformed into brand new shapes. We encourage our customers to get creative with left overs.