Gyri's Story

It all started few years ago on a trip to Telemark, in the Norwegian mountains, Gyri S.Susrud, the designer behind Gyri Design, noticed some beautiful textiles hanging in the family cottage which had been hand woven by her late Grandmother.

Rediscovering these traditional patterns, which were no longer in vogue, made her wonder if she could illuminate her grandmother's art and heritage for the modern world.

On the same trip, in a mountain hotel, she came across the decorative art form 'Rosemaling' painted on decorative objects, walls and ceilings originating from the Rococo period, she was amazed by the elegance and graphic nature of this style.

Gyri was inspired and founded Gyri Design to ensure that we remember our traditional and cultural heritage.

Gyri’s greatest wish for her designs to be enjoyed by both present and future generations, and sustainability is at the core of our company values.

Our products are created with consideration for the environment, using eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes. 

Gyri Design’s textiles are OEKO-TEX certified. The paper used on the wallpaper is printed in a FSC Mix credit mill. The patterns are manufactured and printed using sustainable inks.